Terms of Use

You must read, understand and agree with all term and condition before downloading themes from Theme Icon It is assumed that of you are using any theme or other product from Theme Icon, you have read and accepted all terms and conditions. These conditions are provided below.

These terms are applicable on all membership of Theme Icon either it is extension membership or theme membership. On downloading any product, Theme Icon provides you with a product license which is non exclusive and limited. This license is comprised on terms and conditions which are given below:


It is important to note that GNU General Public License will be used by any content which is in the form of PHP and XHTML. Remaining content will use license which is given below:


WordPress themes and plug-ins are termed as licensed material. Any further reference in this agreement to licensed material will be to each individual item within the Licensed Material.

Grant of Rights

  1. Licensee is not allowed to sell licensed material. He just can use licensed material under given terms and conditions, but cannot transfer its rights or ownership. Exclusive ownership will remain at Themes icon and cannot be claimed by any member either it is modified or unmodified.
  2. Licensed material can be installed and used the License Material to a maximum of one (1) regular WordPress installation on one domain he currently owns.
  3. As per agreement. Licensee has no right to sublicense, transfer or sell licensed material.
  4. To make your product fit for your purpose, you are authorized to make modifications in product. For free Licensed Material, You may NOT remove the “Design By Themeicon.com” or “Free Theme by Themeicon.com” credits in the Licensed Material.


  1. License of any product cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or sublicensed to anyone else. It is strictly prohibited without any written permission from Theme Icon.
  2. Licensee is not allowed to license, sale or distribute any work based on licensed material.
  3. Creation of any claim by Licensee on Licensed material is prohibited like design by your company, developed by your company etc.
  4. Licensee must not post or copy the Licensed Material, modified or unmodified, on a diskette, CD, online media, or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale of any kind.

If your membership expires, you can still continue using the same product as licenses are not time limited like membership. Difference is that before expiry of membership, member has access to updates and help desk support but after expiry this access is denied.


Demo Content

No one is permitted to use any content from demo for any purpose. Demo content can be any image, graphic and icon etc. It should only be used from demonstration purpose.

License Ownership

Theme Icon has rights of revoking any license or membership any time soon after providing refund to customer.

Product Delivery

Theme Icon will provide you with our membership information soon after your payment confirmation within 24 hours through mail. If you do not receive any mail from Theme Icon, contact our support team at [email protected] and we will again send you membership information. After receiving this information, you will have an immediate access to your account. You mail id must be valid to get information and if you are using Paypal account for payment purpose them it may take various day for processing your order. Reason for this delay is checking your Paypal account to avoid nay fraud.


We are helping our members through our Help Desk system so that our members can get technical support related to any product of Theme Icon. Technical support is not provided through email. Support is provided to change options and functions of themes and plug-in but members are not allowed to customize the CSS or default coding of product. If any member wants to customize default CSS or coding then, he must submit a request for it and Theme Icon will provide this support which is a paid service.

Refund Policy

There is no refund on any sale. Customer will be provided with refund facility only if sold product does not work properly with hosting provider’s server. In case of such issue, report us about the problem, we will try to fix it first if possible. Refunds are provided if license of the product is revoked.

Privacy Policy

Information of the buyer which is submitted at the time of making request for product will not be disclosed elsewhere. It will only be used to making transaction of delivering requested product and providing any additional information of new release. This information ca be used to address issues of the product.


In any case, no warranty is provided by Theme Icon for any theme or extension. Demo sites are provided with demonstration of installation by which customers can check browser compatibility. It is customer’s responsibility to ensure browser’s compatibility with theme or extension. There is no guarantee that theme or extension will work properly on third party browser. Theme icon is developing such themes or products which are compatible with latest WordPress version.

Terms & Condition

Rights for changing or modifying any term and condition anytime are reserved at Theme Icon without any prior notice. Your review regarding your experience and privacy policy will b encouraged to make improvements. Theme Icon aloes reserves rights for extending and discontinuing any specific portion of membership. If Theme Icon applies any changes, modification, extend or discontinue any membership, there will be no liability on Theme icon from customer or any third party.