If you want to become an affiliate, you are just required to follow our sign up process and then use code through image banner or text to create a link to this site. Whenever someone will click that link from your website and a purchase happens, you will also get 30% of the sale.

How it Works

Affiliate programs of Theme Icon allow you to earn money even if you are sleeping. You can earn money by just spreading themes of Theme Icon or making them popular among the public.
Each sale will give you 30% commission. On average, every single sale is $279 on every purchase and it can vary from $69 to $499 depending on the selected theme of the customer. You can make average earning of $20 to $80 on a daily basis which Is wonderful.

Sign up Free of cost

By clicking on the link, you can generate am affiliate request within 5 minutes.
Promote your Affiliate link
Now join the affiliate program and promote affiliate links on your website to make your visitors aware of our themes.

Make money by doing nothing

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Why Theme Icon Affiliate programs


If your list is comprised of companies with bad or image then you will ultimately lose your readership and trust of your visitors. To maintain the trust of your visitors it is necessary to list or refer those companies which are reliable and have robust products which they offer.

Range of Products

Theme Icon is offering such products which have a range of add-ons, in-built features, and third-party plug-in. Theme Icon is leading in more than 75 countries and thousands of frequent users as it keeps user’s benefit at priority.

Guaranteed Payments

Payments are guaranteed and are done on time without any delay. Our top affiliates are earning up to $40,000. Join us and boost your earnings. Our affiliate program helps you to increase your earnings while you are away.

Additional Information, I should Know

  1. To receive payments you should have Paypal account. At present we are not supporting any other method. You are not allowed to make a purchase by using your own affiliate link.
  2. If you do so, your affiliate account will be terminated and you will become unable to get any further earnings.
  3. If any purchase is done on your affiliate link and you are given commission and later refund is provided on same purchase then the same amount of commission will be adjusted with your future earnings.
  4. Payment will be made after minimum two sales or $50 payout.
  5. In order to avoid brand conflicts, you are not allowed to use word Theme Icon in your domain name where you are promoting ThemeIcon.


What is your Affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is basically designed to boost you earning by just directing your visitors or customers towards out products e.g. themes and plug-in. whenever a purchase is made through your affiliate link, you will be awarded commissions which are 30% of the total sale.
How do I join your Affiliate Program?
We are managing our affiliate program through internal CRM software. To join our affiliate program, you just need to click on the link for sign up.

How does your Affiliate Program work?

With the help of our affiliate program, you can make money by just referring customers to our website. For this, you can place links, banners, products reviews or any other related content which you can take from our website. Every purchase by a customer which you refer us will give you a commission. You will get your payment on a monthly basis via Paypal.

Does it cost me anything to become an Affiliate?

Joining our affiliate program is completely free. We are charging nothing for joining and there is no requirement of minimum sales.

How much can I expect to earn?

Your extent of earning completely depends upon you. We will just provide you with products details which we want you to promote. You earning depends upon a number of sales which are made through your link. We will give you 30% of every sale.

Are websites outside of the U.S. eligible for your Affiliate Program?

Yes, we encourage applicants from countries other than the US are also encouraged. We are operating in more than 75 countries.

Can I promote Theme Icon on more than one website?

Yes of course. You are allowed to promote Theme Icon on all your websites. Your earning depends upon the number of links and websites on which you are placing our affiliate link. More links and website will engage more qualified visitors and will direct them towards a purchase and you will get you earning.

Is my blog or website eligible for your Affiliate Program?

Most of the websites and blog qualify for our affiliate programs. However, on noticing that your website or blog is engaged with any objectionable products, then we have rights to revoke your membership from our program anytime.

I don’t have a blog or website. Can I still participate in your Affiliate Program?

Yes. you can still participate. You should check out our wonderful collection of WordPress themes. By downloading our theme you can set up your own blog by using our WordPress blog theme.

How do I find my Affiliate banners or text links?

When we will accept your affiliate request, we will provide you with login information of your affiliate account. After login, find menu “Affiliate Partner”, then click on Get a link/Banner link on the menu.