How To Boost CTR Earnings

January 21, 2018

What is CTR?

The integration of Google Adsense with websites is directly linked to the CTR rate i.e. “Click Through Rate“. CTR is important in the world of digital and internet marketing. It is a simple tool that uses the number of clicks on advertisements and promotions to generate revenue. There are two main purposes of CTR for the sites:

  • Firstly, the CTR rate is important for increasing the quality and ranking of the sites.
  • Secondly, the CTR rate is important for increasing the earnings through the sites.

To learn more about how CTR is calculated, this link is helpful.

Factors affecting CTR earnings

It is vital to remember that in order for CTR operates by the number of clicks on the ads or links and not by the number of impressions. In which case it is necessary to increase the number of clicks. Here are a few tips to increase the number of clicks (and boost earnings) and learn more about using CTR.


The most important decision is when choosing where to display the ad on the site. This will directly affect how the visitors will navigate through the site and view the ad. Adsense provides some basic guidelines on the major parts of the webpage that can enhance the ad displays. The ads should be placed at a position where the ad should look differentiated from the site and not be submerged in the content of the site.


Statistics show that majority of the visitors are attracted to ads and links on sites even if the colors and background look interesting to them. On the other hand, important links and adverts are missed because of poor choices of color and contrasts. Colors and designs are important for marketing and promotions. Also, the ads should suite the layout, design, and colors of the site to stand out. Adsense provides a few suggestions in choosing the appropriate colors and shades that are suitable for the ads.


Second, to the choice of colors, the size and format of the ads is also important for the ad to engage the visitor. Again, the size and position of the ad correlates with the layout of the site. Adsense has already developed set sizes and format structure for the sizes of the ads to be selected from the range. This makes it convenient for the ads to be placed in the correct manner on the sites for visitors to see. However, the ads that contain animation or videos are different from ads that include text or use of content. Therefore, there is a difference between the positions that both types of ads have in the placement on the site.


The most simple factor that plays an important role in earning is the kind of ad that is displayed. Ads that are more relevant to the demand or behavior of the visitor are likely to earn a number of clicks. While ads that might not be effective for the visitors have higher chances of being ignored.

Quantity and quality

Surveys have also revealed that a website that has a single ad is considered to be of high quality. Visitors tend to ignore sites that are cluttered with ads. Adsense suggests the sites to place not more than 2 ads averagely on a single web page to increase the rating and quality of the sites.


Again, the higher the traffic on the site, the more the number of clicks. A few tried and tested methods include adding search engines to the site or increasing the SEO ranking of the sites to make more visitors view the site. You also need to choose a good web hosting to manage higher traffic.


These tips are powerful and have proven to be beneficial for the users and visitors. The technique is to keep a site simple and the ads should be organized in a manner that engages the visitors. To find some of the best Adsense CTR Themes, visit this link.